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Maureena Leather

About Maureena Leather

From brasswares to belts

Welcome to Maureena Leather. My name is Ken Watson – I am the owner of this New Zealand-based business, located in Featherston, Wairarapa. In 1987 my wife, Maureen, and I set up a business making leather belts, buckles, drawer handles, door knockers and general brass-wares.

As time went by, the business grew and evolved. We sourced new equipment, honed our skills and together learned the art of sand-casting and leather-working and discovered new items that we could create for our customers.

Over 10 years ago, Maureen sadly passed away. Her absence left a gap in our business and subsequently it drew a close to the manufacture of our leather products for some years. More recently I have rekindled the business, and decided to celebrate her memory via the business name “Maureena Leather”.

I now have over 42 years of hands-on experience in foundry work and 35 years in leatherwork; skills that allow me to produce the high quality items you will find for sale on this website. Those products currently include belts, wristbands, dog-collars and keyrings – made from vegetable-tanned leather straps in 2, 3 and 4mm thicknesses, many with sand-cast buckles and other adornments.


Maureen Watson

Unique Belt Designs

Noting that regular straight belts can have a tendency to ride up above trouser belt-loops, flexing and bending at the back/midpoint, Maureen designed a unique belt featuring contoured, curved leather to follow the lines of the body. This unique design means that the belt stays in place as it should as you move and bend.

The leather straps used are strong, with minimal stretch; this beautiful, waxy, weather-resistant material offers a premium finish, and is the closest to English bridle leather outside of England.

We invite you to explore our leatherwear items and buy online for shipping Worldwide.

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